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Upload Sales Daybook Free

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Upload Finance Daybook Free

Interactive Sales BI







Day Book

The online day book represents to data entries like prime entries of basic bookkeeping concept that make more convenient ever. It is real time connect to Capstone cloud server to store online data.



Sales Book

Sales Day Book look like sales register of all sales transactions including invoicing, trace sales records and all sales information and it can request all sales report from one place.



Job Book

Job book cover the job costing, process costing, project costing that make easy to management accounting. The effective and efficient project management system to meet set target.



Trade Books

Counterpart of desktop SMBO application almost of the same functions can operate on the Trade Book including Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Cash and Bank and Journal entries.






BI Report

Business Intelligence reports that can interactive view for analysis process derive from data sources. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), the end user can perform ad hoc analysis of data in multiple dimension.




Support & Training ( Capstone Library )

Hand on training tools, guide books and video training clips are available from direct link to consulting page and the expert comments and suggestions are ready on there. Free member register on

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You are not allowed to forward, download, copy or alter the day books and the elements of all the day books’ functions and features. Capstone sever may not recognize such activities and your request service may disconnect and disable. In case of accidently you did those activities, call us for resolve.



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